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KTI introduce SNOWMASTER - All Weather Snow Machine

KTI introduce SNOWMASTER - All Weather Snow Machine

27 December 2013

The increase in free time to be spent on leisure activities and the growing interest in new activities (theme parks, sports parks) have led industrialists to invest in the field of gliding sports and snowmaking.

Traditional snowmaking techniques find their limit in the insufficient number of cold hours available in the season. They cannot be operated under marginal ambient temperatures (above -1°C). In the current global warming context such techniques do not allow to maintain snow throughout the season in low or mid-altitude resorts. A new KTI Snowmaster snowmaking system now fulfills this need.

KTI is now making a new step towards snow security in large volume with low power consumption.

The KTI new Snowmaster 100 Containerized Snow Plant is a modern all-weather system, fitted with a high-tech dedicated refrigeration plant. Hence it does not depend on outside weather conditions and makes snow even when the outdoor temperature is up to 15°C or more. With a capacity of 100 M3 per day, this is the most powerful all-weather machine on the market today.

With the Snowmaster 100, KTI is now combining a classic snowgun with a modern all-weather snow machine into a hybrid snow system. Hence, the hybrid snowgun is capable of producing larger volume of snow in the cold hours and sustain snow production when the temperatures warm-up and become marginal or positive, for instance from night-time to day time.

The sense of snow and the foresight for the snow making industry of our refrigeration specialist, Mr. Rupert Plersch (Managing Director) were again recognized by the Local News Papers (Illertisser Zeitung and Südwest Presse). They have covered an exclusive interview of Mr. Rupert Plersch explaining the details and advantage of New KTI Snowmaster.