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KTI receives large order to cool South African Gold mine

KTI receives large order to cool South African Gold mine

26 August 2014

The surface Ice system for cooling the two kilometer deep mine, will provide a total capacity of 8 Megawatts.

Where gold extraction reaches 2400 m below surface, the virgin rock temperatures can be greater than 50°C. Furthermore, the excavating activity creates additional heat that must be fought.


In view of the underground heat rejection limitations and costs in deep mines, the introduction of ice from surface becomes a viable
alternative. The latent heat of fusion of the ice provides pure cooling energy.

Each kilo of ice absorbs 334 k Joules as it melts, way more than cold water. Ice is easily conveyed down the main shaft and reaches the 1800 m level in a matter of seconds. Hence the ice-cooling system reduces the pumping costs at the mine to less than 20 %.

In June 2013, KTI had been awarded a first contract to supply 2 x 200 ton Ice plants and extend an existing surface ice plant at this site. KTI successfully demonstrated the technical feasibility and the economic viability of the containerized ice plant concept in a very convincing way.

The trial 400 tons/day plant was pre-fabricated in record time at the German KTI factory in Balzheim and delivered to site in early November 2013. It was then erected and commissioned in just 10 days. Once the plant was in full production, an average daily production of 440 tons per day was achieved.

This successful result led KTI’s South Africa customers to logically haste the second extension phase, adding four new plate ice plants of one Megawatt each. They will be supplied along with a new 1.5 Megawatt water chiller, raising the overall capacity at this mine to 3,300 tons/day.

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